Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Tarrazú is located a few hours southeast of San Jose, Costa Rica's capital. It is arguably the most famous of Costa Rica's growing regions and produces internationally renowned coffee.

The cultivation of coffee began here in the mid 19th century by transplants from Central Valley and soon became the region's main economic activity.

Tarrazú is protected by mountain ranges that make it a sanctuary for both flora and fauna. Coffee plants dot its small valleys and the steep slopes of Costa Rica's highest mountains. Small farms, averaging about 2.5 hectares in size, make up the bulk of the 22 thousand hectares given to coffee.

Tarrazú offers ideal conditions for the cultivation of coffee., with acidic soil and ample shade to shield coffee plants from the sun. The rainy season that lasts for seven months from May to November is followed by the dry season of December to April. The flowering of the coffee plants, that occurs in March and April, coincides with the end of the dry season, which contributes to uniform ripening and high quality fruit. It also facilitates the use of sun's energy in the proper drying of coffee.
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