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cold brew pitcher
Cold brew up to 44oz of coffee by placing in the refrigerator overnight.
coffee scale & timer
Accurate, easy-to-use scale and timer to improve your pour-over experience.
french press
A modern glass design with high-precision stainless steel plunger.
wood collar coffeemaker
Glass carafe with wood collar and high-precision stainless steel infuser.
paper filters #2
smart electric kettle
The fastest, most accurate electric coffee kettle on the market.
chestnut C2 Max grinder
Great value-for-money grinder with 38mm CNC stainless steel burrs.
paper filters #4
pour over coffeemaker
Brew 20oz of coffee effortlessly anytime you have fresh beans.
pour over decanter
A perfect carafe that works with all drippers and holds 16oz of coffee.
wilfa performance coffeemaker
wilfa uniform grinder
trapezoid dripper
Created in partnership with Japan's inimitable Marausa Porcelain Factory.