Monobamba, Peru

Monobamba Valley is an enchanted place located in the Peruvian province of Jauja. It is nicknamed "Jungle Eyebrows" as it comprises a rainforest that clings to the slopes of the Andes mountains. This land combines the rich vegetation of the Amazon with the spectacular views of the high sierra.

Before the arrival of the Spanish, the people inhabiting these lands were ruled by the Inca Empire. Once the "conquistadores" drove out the Incas, the highland people drifted down to the "Jungle Eyebrows." In the mid-nineteenth century, the president of the newly-formed Republic of Peru, Ramón Castilla, encouraged immigrants from central and southern Europe to settle these lands. Most came from Germany, but there were also Austrians and French.

In the case of Monobamba, they were Italians. They cleared portions of the jungle and established fruit, sugar and coffee plantations. The high altitude terrain is well-suited to growing excellent coffee, with farms located at altitudes of 1800 to 2000 meters above sea level. Monobamba coffee is known for its sweet and complex aroma.
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