How To Use Bonded Coffee Filters

March 22, 2023

What differentiates a pour over coffee from other manual brewing methods is its extremely clean and bright flavor profile? Unlike a french press full of robust coffee oils, a cup of pour over coffee is filtered to produce the cleanest taste possible. This is thanks to the paper filter inside your pour over carafe that traps coffee beans’ natural oils and slowly extracts a crisp brew. And while there are various paper filters on the market, none are as efficient as bonded coffee filters.

Users can instantly notice how Lardera’s bonded coffee filters are heavier in weight and more fibrous in texture than other paper filters. This is due to the superior virgin wood fibers used to manufacture these thick filters, creating an ultra-fine mesh that traps over 20% more coffee sediments.

Lardera’s bonded coffee filters are also bleached without chlorine, so they don’t require any pre-wetting to prevent a paper, wood-like taste from appearing in your cup. So while using these filters will produce a superior-quality brew with fewer steps, it’s important first to understand how to fold them properly.

Here is a step-by-step guide to preparing your bonded coffee filter as easily as two folds.


Unfold Your Filter

Lardera’s bonded coffee filters come in pre-folded squares. Like a book, unfold the crease to create a rectangle.


Create Your First Triangle

With the crease facing away from you (on the topside of the rectangle, lengthwise), take the top left corner and fold diagonally to create a right triangle. Press down firmly to form a tight crease. You should be left with a right trapezoid.


Flip Your Filter And Repeat Step 2

Next, flip your filter around horizontally. The triangle half of your right trapezoid should now be on the right side. Repeat Step 2 by folding the top left corner diagonally to create another right triangle. Press down firmly to form a tight crease. You should be left with a triangle.


Open Your Folded Filter And Insert Into Your Carafe

Open your folded triangle from the bottom. You should be left with a folded cone that fits perfectly into your pour over carafe.


Brew Your Pour Over

Your bonded coffee filter is now ready for brewing. For more information on how to brew a great cup of pour over coffee, check out our guide to manual pour over here.