Johel Monge Naranjo's
catuai anaerobic
Fruit bomb with lush notes of cherry, black currant, passion fruit & cocoa.
Antonio Barrantes Zuniga's
tipica honey
A well balanced cup with lingering notes of citrus, red apple, & pear.
Pablo Bonilla's
catuai honey
Complex notes of juicy clementines, tart cranberries, & ripe pomegranate.
Antonio Barrantes Zuniga's
kenya washed
Layered notes of juicy citrus accented by sugar cane & chocolate.
cold brew pitcher
Cold brew up to 44oz of coffee by placing in the refrigerator overnight.
smart electric kettle
The fastest, most accurate electric coffee kettle on the market.
chestnut C2 Max grinder
Great value-for-money grinder with 38mm CNC stainless steel burrs.
coffee scale & timer
Accurate, easy-to-use scale and timer to improve your pour-over experience.
trapezoid dripper
Created in partnership with Japan's inimitable Marausa Porcelain Factory.